About Me


Who am I you ask…

My name is Cathryn Philpott (call me Cath) and I am addicted to marrying couples…that’s for sure.

I married my 150th couple in early 2021 and I absolutely LOVE IT!

I have been happily married since 2004 where Paul and I were lucky enough to get hitched on the beach at Honeymoon Bay on the South Coast by a dear friend. It included a surprise ‘flash mob’ from my family, Paul’s love of Twisties and of course my love of horses….go figure!

We have two beautiful children (under that cloak they wear of being teenagers…) and our life in Berry on the South Coast of NSW (after moving from Cronulla), is made up of family, friends, community events, social occasions and of course enjoying our beautiful coast and mountains. 

        Becoming a mother in 2005 and again in 2007 led me down a career change from being a teacher for 12yrs…to becoming a stay at home mum. So… I know how to wrangle a bunch of little flower girls and a tribe of cheeky groomsmen for that matter…ha ha! I am also known to be that person who thinks of everything and YES…I will probably make sure that the bridal party have no boogers up their nose and no mobile phones bulging out of their trousers. I am also known for having a very chilled out, relaxed vibe with my couples.

So if you are a bit of a nervous nelly…that’s OK. I got cha!

So deciding to become a Celebrant just made sense for me. I love a party….love a reason to celebrate….love to dress up…love music…. love champagne….love to hear people’s stories …. love a bit of cute romance…. am partial to a microphone…. love writing…. and love a good laugh!

And hey! Who doesn’t love a good wedding!?!?

When I am not being a Kickass Celebrant, paddle boarding, pilates, entertaining with family and friends, snow skiing, music, traveling, anything to do with the beach and spending time with my cheeky Border Collie – Molly just to name a few. And not to forget WINE! Can’t forget that!