YEAH BABY!!!!!! Congrats on your engagement!

         Now let’s get you married! It may seem daunting to you both to know what you need to do.

BUT that’s OK. That’s where I come in. 

         From taking care of the legal obligations… to calming your nerves on the big day… to saying introducing our NEWLYWEDS! I got you covered. Let’s tee up a time to have a chat over the phone, a FaceTime call or meet up and have a chat over a coffee… or my fav, a wine and let’s start making your big day everything you have always wanted.

The part of my job that I love the most is meeting with couples and listening to their stories, memories, dreams, and plans. It is all the behind the scenes information that I receive from my clients that allows me to write the perfect ceremony for each couple and help them write their personal vows. Allowing your guests to hear how you first met.

Was it a nervous swipe to the right or a drunken glance across the bar that started it all? What happened on your first date and why you absolutely cannot do life without your partner. But let’s be real…there are also the stories of what crazy things you have done together or what drives you completely insane about your partner. It’s the juicy bits that make a good ceremony into a great one.

Ceremonies are for love stories, laughter, and celebrating you two…..

If you are both after a chilled, easy-going and fun celebrant to help you put your ceremony together…


I look forward to meeting you both…now let’s get you both hitched!