Making it your ceremony


Jeb and Penny

Let me design the perfect ceremony for you.

Hmmm! What is the perfect ceremony?

There is no set way that every couple should have their ceremony. Yes there is a paragraph, that as your celebrant I legally have to say … but the rest is up to you and your celebrant.  The best way to put a ceremony together is to spend time with you as a couple over a coffee or wine and talk about how you met, first impressions of each other, quirks each of you may have, cool experiences you have shared together, funny stories etc and let’s not forget…why you love each other. Awwww!

It’s easy. I ask the questions…and you two just tell me all about yourselves. From there,     I write a kick ass ceremony tailored for you and your story and also help you write your vows  (if you wish). We have a rehearsal usually the day before, at the venue with your bridal party…. so everyone can be comfortable on the day and know exactly what they have to do for the ceremony. 

And after the ceremony…I take care of all the Births Deaths and Marriages paperwork registering your marriage and order your Marriage Certificate for you. 

Cheers to that!